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I have a master’s degree in history and an editing certificate offered jointly by The Poynter Institute’s News University and ACES: The Society for Editing, as well as more than fifteen years of experience editing and teaching college writing. While my experience ranges from corporate product manuals to fiction, my expertise is general nonfiction and academic writing. My clients have included university presses and educational organizations, as well as students and professors worldwide, for whom I have edited books, journal articles, dissertations, and theses. I am also the founder and editor of Brush Talks, a journal of nonfiction about China now in its sixth year. In that role, I have performed extensive developmental editing, copyediting, fact checking, and proofreading. All this experience I bring to you to provide professional editing services at reasonable rates.

What I Do

Because each project involves a different level of work, please contact me for rates. After reviewing your manuscript (or a substantial excerpt), I can give you a quote for the work.

Developmental editing: Helping you develop the manuscript’s ideas, organization, and overall approach for the intended audience.

Line editing: Rewriting and reorganizing sentences and paragraphs to strengthen the piece and to better fit the tone and style.

Copyediting: More mechanical editing on drafts after the larger, structural revision is complete: not only reading for usage, grammar, and spelling mistakes but also correcting references to a particular style (if applicable) and formatting the overall manuscript.

Proofreading: Usually done near the end of a project before finalizing it, this entails finding and fixing minor errors involving typos, grammar, and spelling.

Styles: I am well versed in APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, and Vancouver styles and can adapt to any other. If you have specific style guidelines from a publisher or journal, I will make sure your work accurately meets their requirements.

Non-native English speakers: I lived and worked in China for seven years and hold a TEFL certificate, so I am very familiar with the difficulties English poses for native Chinese speakers. I have worked with many Chinese students and colleagues over the years to polish their writing, so I know what patterns and common errors to look for and can explain how to correct them. As a college instructor in the U.S., I also taught many students whose first language was Spanish. Whatever your background, I can help you produce your strongest writing in English.

What My Clients Say

They say the art of copyediting is dying; they haven’t met Brian Kuhl, sharpest and most tactful of editors whose light but firm hand saved me from many an error.

~ Priti Joshi, Ph.D., Professor of English at the University of Puget Sound, from acknowledgments in Empire News by SUNY Press (2021)

I found [Brian] after my first paper was criticized and refused by the journal’s reviewer. . . . After the editing, my article was accepted . . . [and] my boss (professor) appraised and said the language is very native. Later, I have Brian edit all of my papers that I want to get published, and the reviewers don’t reject me because of the bad writing. ~ Wang Hao, Ph.D., Tsinghua University

The corrections are very professional. The editor not only corrected the punctuation, the abbreviations, and empty spaces, but also helped me change the wrong expressions, select the more proper ones, and try to make me express my ideas logically, clearly, and orderly in the whole paper according to the entire context. . . . The editor is very familiar with the requirements of the general research journals, and makes corrections under those requirements. To my surprise, he also proactively asked me in which journal I will publish my article. He found that journal online and corrected the title, abstract, and endnotes of my article according its specific requirements. ~ Zhang Yanjun, Ph.D., Zhejiang Normal University

Mr. Brian Kuhl has rendered me great support not only in editing my textbook called Practical English in Hotel Management (2nd edition, published in June 2015 by Higher Education Press, Beijing ), but also in editing many English articles for my website. In addition, he also edited materials for the Tourism Bureau of Huzhou Municipality for the International Conference on Rural Tourism in 2015. He is a careful editor who not only tells me what to change, but also elaborates the reasons. Thus, he is an accurate, skilled, and professional editor. I am proud to recommend him to anyone who needs work to be edited in English. ~ Jessica Guo, Ph.D., Huzhou University

I once again wish to insist that they be evaluated and examined by the person I know as “BK” – as their job served phenomenally helpful. ~ Client of a major online editing service I freelance for


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